University of Nod Circular

Email to Kof and Misa

Greetings respected scholars,

As Rector of the University of Nod, I naturally invite you to enjoy the Library of Caine to which you might already be familiar. In addition to that classes are available and free for attendance. What follows is a list of lectures or classes coming up, with a few tags. (G) means general attendance, which includes ghouls or even particularly favored blood dolls. © is for Credit, these classes and lectures will likely include shovelheads and aspiring ghouls out to gain credit for eventual graduation and promotion. (V) is for True Vampires, which on rare occasion has other members, and is naturally open to visiting scholars. (S) is for Sabbat in good standing Only.

It goes without saying be careful whom you show this list to.

~From the hand of Rector’s Trustee Mira Scin, for Rector Johnathan Estobar.

(G) Barcelona: Domain Structure and You, a lecture. Covering the classes of the domain, the role of petitions and its bylaws, this is heartily recommended to outsiders and newly ghoul ed. Even for blood dolls there is benefit, so you know your rights.

(G) Barcelona: Infrastructure and You, a 2 week class. This covers infrastructure within the domain, everything from the hidden numbers on the phones, etc.

(G) Basic Finance, a 4 week course covering basic finance, budgets, and simple principles of accounting.

(G) Basic Law, a 5 week course covering basic law and legal frameworks in Spain.

(G) Basic Melee, a 5 week course covering blades, including proper maintenance. Highly recommended for any kine trustee.

© The Sabbat, our Retarded Cousins. Your Guide to your intellectual inferior cannon fodder, and how to act nice about it when they visit. 8 week course.

© The Camarilla, the other slightly less Idiotic Sect. Your Guide to our frequent adversary, and how to act when they visit. 8 week course.

© The Black Hand, Suicidal Gehenna Cult with unusual influence and martial capability. Your Guide to these despicable vampires whom you should all hate and fear.

© Garou Oral Histories, a Lecture! Taught by our own Garou expert!

© History and organization of Hunters: The Arcanii, taught by our arcanii expert!

© Vector and multivariate Calculus: Note for shovelheads and Aspiring Ghouls, this is REQUIRED. 10 week course.

© Organic Chemistry (a), covering organic structures, naming conventions, and important molecules.

(V) Antidiluvians, what were they, a Lecture by a Noddist expert!

(V) The Bronze Age Collapse, a Lecture on Significance and potential hidden roles!

(V) Vampire-Kin, types and what to expect, a Lecture

(V) Artifacts of Iberia, a Lecture

(S) Sabbat Bishop Selections

University of Nod Circular

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