Citrine's Dispatch

An email to Misa

Hey, cousin. Ive been asked by our esteemed fat papa to keep you in the loop. Here’s a summary of findings about Nokir, from what we’ve got.

Nokir’s boys took a beating. Current estimates place kindred numbers at 48, with 85 ghoul fighters. Now he’s going on the defensive, but has a few operations ongoing.

-In the city of Jaen there’s a eight or nine of his kindred with a dozen ghouls attempting to reinforce their numbers via raiding tombs beneath the city, which house possibly a dozen old assamites who recall the caliphate of al-andalus. Thus far the city’s five kindred have waged a guerilla war, and taken two of al-Nokir’s kindred out, maybe three, and four or five of his ghouls.

-In the city of Cartagena, there’s attempts at negotiations with the Bishop? of the Sabbat domain. Something about a possible ancient monster under the city to awaken. Lots of Carthage age stuff, and something about trying to make a new supply of armaments, something about how they’ll run out of their fancy toys in two maybe three days with some conservation.

-There’s some investigation of a Keaton shipping yard, and pentex supplies within.


Citrine's Dispatch

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