Carla's Notes: Inquisitor Viola

In an email sent to Kof

Hey! Umm thanks for getting us out of that jam with the lusty thing, not what I expected. However, when that happened I noticed Viola and it jogged my memory. When umm…ahh, Sarah and Kalesha came to live at the chantry I did a few searches about who was allowed to learn Thaumaturgy and the rules, and I gather there’s a petition and a whole process.

Anyways, this is why Viola looked familiar. She’s one of I think a dozen or so in Iberia who were granted the honor, even though other searches brought her up as a Sabbat Inquisitor kinda. But here’s the really goofy thing – everyone else who’s been taught Thaumturgy has forms, blood on file, reasons given, usually pages on pages of documentation. Viola has none of that, just a order signed and approved by one Regent (now Lady) Beatrice, co-signed by Lord Argyle.

Then, somehow, she shows up as Regent…of Barcelona, in 1936-1946, despite it being an Antitbru chantry there and in Sabbat hands. No other Regents of this chantry of shadows are listed.

Then, stuff got weirder as I dug though other files. From reports on historical Sabbat inquisitor lists, sometimes she’s on it, sometimes she’s not, and here’s the other crazy thing. She’s listed as a candidate for Justicar in 1885 for “Services as an Archon in an undisclosed matter” – a year she’s on the official Sabbat inquisitor list, though it seems the Justicar thing was completely dropped with no further comment. Something’s not adding up Regent, and it worries me, she didnt seem overly concerned with that there lust thingy.

-Carla, Apprentice of the First Circle and Fourteenth Generation, of House and Clan Tremere

Carla's Notes: Inquisitor Viola

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