Regent Administrative Taskboard

In an email sent to Kof

Hello Regent of the First Circle, Kofryna
This email is to notify you of access being granted for Regent level information within Clan Tremere, and a listing of some tasks – given by the high Regent to consider. Your expected to preform one of the low-key administrative tasks, to prevent backlog, but the others are up to your needs/prerogative. You may email back to determine what you will do.

Low-Priority Administrative Tasks (Karnak – AKA administrative bullshit. Sorry Kof)

-Promotion: Carla del Bosque, of the fourteenth generation, apprentice of the first circle, embraced for four years to apprentice of the second circle. Apprentice has received the go ahead for promotion for half a year and is for all intents and purposes is an apprentice of the second circle, but so far no one has done any sort of promotion ceremony.

Rationale for promotion, an unusually gifted researcher. Task: preform the promotion ceremony

-Input: Catarina de Santiago, of the eighth generation, apprentice of the seventh circle ‘Highest Apprentice’ for Title Change. Apprentice was actively considered for Regentship, on two different occasions and has steadfastly refused when slots were opened up. To this end, in recognition of her efforts to the Clan at large a change in title from Highest Apprentice is being considered.

Task: Write up a short possible title with a rationale for why it makes sense, possibly including other ideas to tackle the larger potential issue of apprentices of the seventh circle with no regency ambitions.

-Vetting: Attache Morgan, of the ninth generation, apprentice of the fifth circle, is being considered for promotion for apprentice of the sixth circle. To this end, Regents are asked to create tasks, or assign apprentice to an existing task to aid in the consideration process followed by a yay or nay.

Task: Self-explanatory

Medium Priority Administrative Tasks (Karnak – dealing with these helps to make a case for promotion, once a regent of the second or third circle you’ll then see high priority assignments)

-Investigation: Caitliff David Igles, of unknown generation was known to associate quite closely with antribru tremere before their demise. It is suspected he has some of their materials, and it is a possibility though lacking direct evidence that David could know some thaumaturgy. Investigate David, who has a haven in Jaen.

((Kof’s response for record keeping))

-Re: Carla del Bosque
I will be happy to arrange a promotion ceremony for her as soon as I return from abroad. Her talent as a researcher and willingnes to place herself in jeopardy for House and Clan are clearly mteritorious of recognition, and her magick is far more advanced than a typical apprentice of four years’ experience.

Re: Catarina de Santiago
Recommend: Magus-Librarian as special honorary title in recognition of her long service to Madrid’s tremere in this role and apparent interest in the ongoing task. Will arrange for Carla to surruptitiously consult her fealings on the amtter as well.

Re: Attache Morgan
Ongoing research into anti-psychic personal wards ane xcellent test of problem solving and research abilities. Can recommend more “active” tasks pertaining to ongoing hostilities of “field testing” is considered desirable at this time.

Re: David Igles
Igles has demonstrated desire to ingratiate himself to our house and clan; has recently attempted to arrange assasination of Salubri citizen of Cadiz in an attempt to curry our favour and earn admittance to the pyramid. Intend to contact him during diplomatic wing of my current activities and assess fitness for future apprenticeship. Will return him to madrid for assesment by other regents or eliminate him as appropriate.

((end kof’s response))

Regent Administrative Taskboard

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