Kofryna iš'Šilutė

Wise but creepy undead magus


Clan: Tremere
Bloodline: Telyavic Tremere
Clan Disicplines: Auspex, Presence, Thaumaturgy
Clan Weakness: +2 difficulty to resist True Faith; recoils from the sight of crosses.

Nature: Caregiver
Demeanor: Judge
Generation: 7th
Haven: Large Penthouse Office.


  • Strength – 1
  • Dexterity – 1
  • Stamina – 4 (Specialty: Determined)
  • Charisma – 5 (Specialty: Forceful)
  • Manipulation – 1
  • Appearance – 3
  • Perception – 4 (Specialty: Careful)
  • Wits – 1
  • Intelligence – 5 (Specialty: problem Solver)


  • Alertness – 3
  • Awareness- 3
  • Empathy – 3
  • Intimidate – 3
  • Subterfuge – 1
  • Meditation – 3
  • Melee – 3
  • Performance (Oratory) – 3
  • Computers – 1
  • Occult -4 (Magic)
  • Science – 1


  • Auspex – 2
  • Celerity – 1
  • Fortitude – 1
  • Humanus – 1
  • Obtenebration – 1
  • Thaumaturgy – 5
  • - Primary path: Blood Magic
  • - Path of Conjuring – 3
  • - Path of Corruption – 1
  • - Path of the Earth’s Blood – 1
  • - Path of Elemental Mastery – 5
  • - Thaumaturgic Countermagic – 3


  • Become One with the Land (1)
  • Following the Trail of Prey (1)
  • Purify (1)
  • Purity of the Flesh (1)
  • Reverse Bloodbond (1)
  • Ritual of Foresight (1)
  • Wake With Evening’s Freshness (1)
  • Burning Blade (2)
  • Firewalker (3)
  • Pavis of the Foul Presence (3)
  • Enchant Talisman (5)


  • Allies – 1 (Regent Scott and his supporters)
  • Domain -1 (the large, low income apartment complex in which her haven resides)
  • Fame – 3 (Supernatural Community)
  • Generation – 5
  • Herd – 1 (Locals who revere her as a mystical or even divine protector)
  • Influence -1 (Local to the neighborhood of Lavapeidés)
  • Resources – 5
  • Status – 3 (Regent of Cordoba; Madrid Politician)


  • Code of Honour (Protect the ‘flock’) (-2)
  • True Love (Isabella Hernandez; Misa ‘Walters’). (-4)


  • Bad Eyesight (Corrected) (+1)
  • Beacon of the Unholy (+2)
  • Dark Secret (investor in the Holy Inquisition’s research program)
  • Eerie Presence (+2)
  • Territorial (Her domain and surrounding low-income environs) (+2)

Virtues and Other Traits:

  • Conscience – 2
  • Self-Control – 3
  • Courage – 5
  • Humanity – 5
  • Willpower – 10/10
  • Blood Pool – 14/20

*Wounds: 1

Experience Available: 2
Experience Spent: 146

Notable Possessions:

  • Type 3 armor
  • Laptop
  • Smartphone
  • Ritual Dagger
  • Asimite Ritual Book
  • Gown of Shadows

Kofryna was born in a small village in rural Lithuania. Her father was the village baker, and her mother a housewife, who died when Kofryna was but four years old, giving birth to her 8th child. She lived a meager existence by any modern standards, but it was better than being a farmer’s daughter, and it left her just enough free time to indulge her natural curiosity.

The village Silute was ruled by superstition, and the reverence of dark, pagan gods. Unlike some pagans, however, the lithuanians gods would actually (rarely) visit them! Kofryna was fascinated to learn more, and bothered the priestess of the village incessantly. At first the woman found her entireties frustrating but she soon showed a surprising intelligence and aptitude for the herbal medicines and pagan magics involved and, before long, had been taken on as an initiate, and likely successor, to the joy of her parents.

It wasn’t long before she had surpassed even her mentor, and one night one of the ‘gods’ came to visit her. She never came home, again. For a year, she was an apprentice – a ghoul, who served as the ambassador of her mistress while she learned. Only when she was finally embraced did she learn the truth; her peoples’ patrons were not gods – at least not in the sense they had always believed – they were vampires. Blood magi, and part of a much larger order (though the wider house Tremere was seldom much concern to the Telyavs). She might have been disillusioned or horrified, but she wasn’t. A whole new world had opened to her! One she could never have imagined growing up in her dirt farming village! She threw herself into her new “life” and for a decades – centuries – she was happy, studying the arcane, protecting her herd, and feeding freely.

Then came Christianity. Inch by inch the old ways began to disappear until eventually her village was the target of the next purge. Fearing for both her people and herself, she did the only sensible thing; she hid. She had left the village priestess strict instructions: do whatever they ask; fake conversion; and wake me when it is safe to return; and quietly slipped into torpor buried in a deep cairne. Unfortunately for her, the germanic knights weren’t interested in converts: they put the village to the sword for worshiping ‘demons’ and her wake-up never came.

Centuries later her tomb was opened, as it happened, by an archaeological expedition. Starving and confused after rising from torpor, she killed them all. Emerging into the early 21st century she found a world nothing like the one she had known. Her country was changed beyond recognition; her flock was no longer hers. She left and wnadered for years from one city to another, stopping to make contact with Tremere chantries and local princes along the way, gradually learning the ways of the modern kindred until she eventually arrived at the opposite end of Europe, far from painful memories.

In Madrid, Kofryna began learning the ways of the modern world, and even made contact again with the order of her ancestors, falling in with Regent Scott’s chantry as the elder vampire saw the potential resource in someone of her unusual experience. She finds the modern nights wondrous in so many ways. Computers. Electricity. Indoor plumbing. Works of magic! But in some ways, found city life… disturbing. The young vampire settled into a poor tenement building, in a comfortable, if hardly lavish, abandoned basement apartment in the slum neighborhood of Lavapeidés, binding the building owner as a ghoul both to ensure her safety during the day, and interact with the world of officialdom.

It did not take long, however, for mortal predators that live in the slums to make themselves known. The first time she killed a gang member was by chance; he was extorting a resident as she left the building, and, instinctively, she reacted to stop him. The second time was by choice – a woman came to her and begged her to protect her from her pimp and she obliged… though not for free, of course. Briefly, the local street gang attempted to retaliate against her. When a dozen members were found dead the next morning after being dispatched to her home, they re-evaluated their position and chose instead to negotiate.

it has been a year since those early nights after awakening, and Kofryna has become settled in. She has a flock again, after a fashion – many residents of her neighborhood have come to regard her as a patron figure, and local ‘bruja’ (witch), making feeding easier and lending her purpose. She has a place in the local Tremere power structure, and fascinating research to conduct there. Most surprisingly of all, however, not least of all to her, are the feelings she finds herself developing for her lone Ghoul, Isabella. Originally a relationship of convenience (mostly for Kofryna) she has found herself growing to respect the other woman and, indeed, care for her, responding, despite herself to the woman’s blood-bond-induced affections with those of her own. Today they live together and their relationship is an odd one to say the least. The vampire tries to tell herself that the woman is merely her new ‘priestess’, a trusted and invaluable lieutenant, and it’s natural to care about her in that capacity, but even to herself the words have the ring of denial. Whether she wants to admit it or not, Kofryna finds herself smiling at the sight of her mortal companion in the morning, and viscously protective of her if danger threatens.

Kofryna iš'Šilutė

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